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Wine Fridge Repairing in Dubai

Wine Coolers are appliances which help to cool various types of wine. It provides enormous storage capacity of wine and helps to preserve the serving temperature of the wine. Wine Coolers are bottled and sold by distributors since long time ago in areas where high alcohol intake is considered illegal. Wine Coolers are made from Wine and fruit juice with a combination of sugar and carbonated beverage.

Wine Coolers are stored at a temperature of -45 degrees to -64 degrees depending upon the color of the wine, i.e., whether it is Red or White Wine. This low temperature helps the Wine Cooler to run efficiently.

Wine Coolers can face a lot of performance issues or malfunctioning due to a number of reasons. You may find your Wine Cooler is not turning on, leakage problem with the cooler or any other serious issue. Whatever may be the problem, Wine Cooler Repair Service team can fix it within the minimum time possible. Handover your damaged Wine Cooler to us and we will fix it. We will also transfer it to you in full running condition.

Common Wine Cooler Errors you may Come Across:-

  • Your Cooler might not turn on due to tripped breakers or loosened power cords
  • Your Wine Cooler is not cooling correctly due to condenser, compressor or motor fan damage
  • Your Wine Cooler is leaking water due to defective door seals or plugged drain hose or due to the door left opened for long
  • Your Wine Cooler is making cracking, grinding or squealing noise due to change in temperature
  • Your Wine cooler door is not closing properly due to dirty door gadgets or improperly placed shelves

If you find any of these errors mentioned above, contact our Wine Repair Service team immediately and to get the mistake fixed with the best and timely solution possible. Call us at our 24 hours open helpline number at 050 7300 146 and share your issues with us.

We Diamond Technician guarantee that we will fix all of your Wine Cooler related issues.

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