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Fridge repair in Marina

Fridge/Freezer repair in Marina

Fridge/Freezer repair in Marina- If your refrigerator is not working properly, we all know how imperative it is to ensure it gets back up and running as quick as possible. If we wait too long, our foods may perish, and there is nothing worse than having to throw out groceries we have spent much money on. There can be many easy to fix issues with your refrigerator but sometimes you will require an appliance repair specialist to perform a diagnosis and repair. We have compiled a list of 5 reasons you must call in a specialist to repair your fridge.

Fridge/Freezer repair in Marina

Fridge repair in Marina Dubai

Fridge/Freezer repair in Marina

  1. No Power

First you will want to ensure that your refrigerator is properly connecting to power. Slowly and carefully pull out the fridge from the wall. And check to make sure that the power cord is plug in. Also, check to make sure the cord is not having any kind of damage in any sort of way. If you find damage it is essential that you call in a specialist as soon as possible,

2.Fridge Makes weird noises

Do not worry by every small noise your fridge is making. It is normal for it to have some noises during its normal operation. Normal types of noises are hearing it turn off and on in normal cycles and time intervals. If there are odd screeching sounds, it is likely that your fan needs to be the point of concern. If there is knocking and banging sounds that aren’t associating with the ice maker, the compressor may need the repair. Repairs with the compressor or fan require a technician to repair and must not consider repairing by yourself.

  3. Fridge is Not Cold

First check the dial in your fridge to ensure its setting is the correct temperature. It is important to understand that when the number is higher (ex. 1-10) the colder the temperature of the fridge will be. You should first try adjusting the nob up a couple numbers and leaving it a few hours to see if the fridge is now cooling better. If this does not help your . Evaporator coils may be have accumulated frost over in the back and can be causing your fridge to overheat. You can unplug your appliance from power and try using a hairdryer to melt off the ice. Ensure to hold the dryer at a distance. If this does not fix the problem. You will either need a new thermostat or compressor and should call in a repairman to service this for you.

   4. Fridge is Freezing Food

If your vegetables, milk, or other ingredients in your fridge are frozen, the internal temperature is too low. It can be very easy to bump the dial we discussed in reason number 4 and it may be too high. Try lowering the number and waiting a few hours to see if the food is starting to thaw. You can put a thermometer in the middle and see if it is lowering faster than being able to tell with the food. If you do not notice a significant increase in temperature, call in our technicians to diagnose the problem for you.
   5. It is Leaking Water

If you are noticing that there is water around your fridge or in the bottom of the fridge. It is likely that you have a leak in a hose somewhere. So, It is important to service a repair like this immediately as it can wreck surrounding flooring and cause mold to form eventually if not properly cleaned up. It is important to call in a technician immediately to ensure the proper cleanup and fix is serviced.

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